Rafael Pereira
ESNS: 2023 , 2024
Managing Partner, TINNUTS
Rafael Pereira is an intellectual property strategist & web3 oracle working at the intersection of law & business relating to technology, entertainment, arts, & culture. He is the managing partner of TINNUTS a new age intellectual property law firm where he works with creators across disciplines and entrepreneurs across sectors. A Berkeley Law graduate, Rafael has built a career as an entrepreneur with multiple ventures in the creative industry in Asia & Europe. He advises the world's biggest artists, labels, publishers, distributors, & promoters on their business & legal affairs in Asia and occasionally treats his clientele to the best Indian food on the planet.
Fri 19 JAN - 15:00-16:15 - Oosterpoort - Grote zaal
Fri 19 JAN - 13:30-14:30 - Oosterpoort - Kunstpunt