Rianne Wilbers
ESNS 2023
Dutch artist Rianne Wilbers makes connections where others would consider them impossible. Inspired synergies arise as she fuses diverse disciplines into surprising and wondrous projects. She graduated from the Tilburg Conservatory of Music as a classical singer, but her curiosity and hunger for experimentation have broadened her horizon far beyond the world of classical music. Rianne can lose herself in the age-old craft of painting, making paintings at least as colorful as her voice. Again, she dives deeper and seeks to work with the manifold possibilities of the latest and most advanced digital visual technologies. With Bodylanguage, her latest and most personal project, Rianne takes the next step in her development as an all-round artist. With the experience she gained at Hybrid Music Vibes, among others, she will venture to intertwine music, art and technology in a symbiotic way.
Sat 21 JAN - Forum - Cinema 4 - 12:15-13:15