United States of America
Robby Towns
ESNS: 2023 , 2024
Co-founder and Head of Strategy for creative services company, GoodCopBadCop | NestaMusic
Robby Towns is the Co-founder and Head of Strategy for creative services company, GoodCopBadCop, working with clients like BRELAND (1B+ streams worldwide), Sadie Fine, Chevrolet, TikTok and Carhartt. Prior to starting GoodCopBadCop, Towns worked as a consultant for PRSforMusic, Columbia Records and Google through his consultancy NestaMusic. He also served as the Director of Digital Strategy for the Music Business Association, spearheading the release of the first universal Music Metadata Style Guide, as well as advancing industry wide initiatives around digital strategy and marketing. Towns served as Director, Songwriter Relations at Spotify and helped develop some of the first strategies, programs and playlists focused on publishers and songwriters. In recent years, he has strategically concentrated on pioneering technologies such as blockchain, web3, and AI, taking on roles as a keynote speaker, panelist, and moderator at leading industry events. Towns oversaw music industry trade missions to Nashville for Music Finland (2022) and Nordic Music Export (2023). He has served as a U.S. delegate to Eurosonic-Noorderslag (NL) on eight prior occasions.
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