Robin Jenssen
ESNS: 2023
SPARWK AS / EKKO Music Rights Europe
Mr. Jenssen is a music industry professional with a career spanning over three decades, both on the creative and executive side. Mr. Jenssen co-founded and have been spearheading Dsign Music since 2005, and co-founded and headed EKKO Music Rights Europe since 2016. During these years he became a true pioneer in K-pop, bridging the gap between East and West. His clients have created some of the most iconic and commercially successful hits in K-pop history, and Mr. Jenssen contributed in placing close to 650 songs in the Asian music market, earning him more than 150 Billboard chart No.1 placements, accumulated sales of close to 60 million physical albums, billions of streams and views, two-times Latin Grammy nominated, winner of YouTube awards, several MTV awards and Golden Disc awards, winner of American Music Awards, accumulated hundreds of top 10 charting singles and albums, multiple diamond, platinum and gold records. In 2010, Mr. Jenssen founded Song: Expo, often referred to as the world’s biggest and best songwriting camp, in an effort to discover and export new talents from Norway. This resulted in launching similar songwriting camps in Seoul (Korea), Los Angeles (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Aarhus (Denmark), Sofia (Bulgaria), Bangkok (Thailand), Lijang (China), Stockholm (Sweden) and Kristiansand (Norway). From these events Mr. Jenssen has discovered, nurtured and developed some of the biggest global hitmakers of today. The idea to create the SPARWK Passport and SPARWK Metaverse was ignited due to global issues of royalty payments, mainly from Asia to Norway. During years of investigation Mr. Jenssen found numerous severe errors in the administration and monitization of international copyrights and royalties. The music industry ecosystem was (and still is) broken with outdated backend datasystems, massive errors in metadata due to misuse of global identificators such as IPI, IPN, ISNI, ISWC codes and the lack of a global unified works database. A lot of the international copyrights administration gets “lost in translation”, where names of songwriters, song titles, and other crucial information is misspelled and stay uncorrected. Mr. Jenssen decided to upgrade the global entertainment industry, spending ten years figuring out how to create a sustainable business ecosystem with automated work flow for all stakeholders by creating the SPARWK Metaverse, SPARWK Passport, SPARWK Wallet, backed by our own SPARWK A.I. engine, blockchain and personalized NFTs.