Sebastian Wahl
ESNS: 2024
Production Manager, DAS FEST Karlsruhe
Sebastian "Woody" Wahl is the production manager at DAS FEST Karlsruhe and with his team plans the necessary infrastructure, the stages as well as the event technology and its implementation. In addition, in 2014 he began taking on the task of implementing sustainable topics and improvements for the largest open air in southwest Germany and is now the sustainability project manager, not only for DAS FEST, but for all other events organized by the Karlsruhe Marketing und Event GmbH. He coordinates participation in various certifications and works closely with the authorities of the city of Karlsruhe to further develop the sustainable standards and topics of DAS FEST and other events.
Thu 18 JAN - 16:30-17:30 - Oosterpoort - Bovenzaal 1