Stéphanie Foulgoc
ESNS: 2024
Lawyer - Paris & Quebec Bars, NEXT avocats
Stéphanie Foulgoc is a lawyer, member of the Paris and Quebec Bars, partner & founder at NEXT avocats, a Paris-based law firm dedicated to entertainment and technologies. Stéphanie assists and represents French and international companies in all areas of intellectual property, innovation and entertainment laws. For over 10 years, together with Etienne Papin, co-founder at NEXT avocats, she has been assisting PRODISS, the main French union for live shows promoters and venues in France, with all legal matters relating to live shows. Stéphanie has been particularly involved with PRODISS actions in fighting illicit ticket reselling in France and at a European level. On March 29, 2023, PRODISS, represented by NEXT avocats, won a milestone case against Google in France, after a 5-years battle before French courts. Google has been sentenced to damages to live shows promoters for selling Google Ads to illegal ticket resale sites.
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