Tom Roetgering
ESNS: 2024
Co-founder, GUTS tickets
Tom Roetgering is the co-founder of GUTS Tickets a future proofed ticketing company that's leading the charge in empowering independent organisers, artists and venues to take back full control of their ticketing. This honest ticketing mission is backed by seven year of integrity and innovation that's packaged in a system that has successfully issued millions of tickets for thousands of events and crucially kept scalpers entirely away. What makes GUTS unique is that the organisers and artists control their revenue and data across both the primary and secondary markets, organisers set their own rules of resale and earn revenue from their secondary sales whilst ensuring fans get a safe and secure experience all in-app. The technology implemented by GUTS Tickets is utilized globally under various ticketing and artist labels, allowing creators to take what GUTS has built and utilise it with their own branding and in their local markets. This revolution is led by the creators and the fans, connecting them together and ensuring the true value of events goes to where it belongs.
Fri 19 JAN - 16:30-17:30 - Oosterpoort - Artiestenfoyer