Will Maas
ESNS: 2024
The Dutch keyboardist Will Maas has his roots in Singer-songwriter music, Rock and Hammond Jazz. He studied Hammond Organ and Keyboards at the conservatory in Enschede. Maas has been a session musician for more than 35 years and in that time worked with a.o. Marco Borsato, Lenny Kuhr, Beth Hart, Floor Jansen, Matt Simons and Ilse DeLange. In 2004 Will Maas was proclaimed “best keyboard player in the Netherlands” by his fellow musicians. Together with guitarist Tom Klein, Will Maas forms the duo Maas&Klein, whose debut album “Più Vicino” was released in 2021. As a teacher and educational developer, Will Maas has been associated with Rock Academy in Tilburg since 2001, preparing the new generation of musicians for a future in the (pop) music sector. He has been involved in advocacy since his student days. He currently holds the position of chairman of the music/NTB department of the Kunstenbond, among other things.
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