United Kingdom
ESNS: 2023
Alternative Rock
Heartworms is the dystopian project of south London artist Jojo and the conduit for her entire identity – a purposefully discomforting challenge to the outside world, affirming her own self, her passions and the poetry of Pound, Thomas, and Keats. Backed by a full live band, Heartworms’ performances are a masterclass in poise. The metronomic music and meticulous fashion of bands like Interpol and Kraftwerk greatly inspires Jojo, as does PJ Harvey, whose dark sense of humour and lyrical dexterity permeates Heartworms’ songwriting.
Performance Time
Wed 18 JAN - Mutua Fides - 22:15-23:00
Thu 19 JAN - PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) - 12:50-13:10

Playing at | Eurosonic