ESNS: 2024
Pop Indie
Hailing from Molde, Norway, producer and songwriter Marit Othilie Thorvik AKA Jouska has had an unique take on electronic-tinged pop since her debut album Everything is Good (2020). From being a duo with Hans Olav Settem the project has since evolved into a solo endeavor, delving deeper into the intimacy, and introspection throughout her music. Jouska's latest album, Suddenly my mind is blank (2023), garnered a lot of love from across the indie scene. The various moods and genres in Jouska's music encompass everything from R&B to dream pop, electronica to hip-hop, all while maintaining a core sound and essence—exemplified by her distinctive vocal. Jouska's musical journey and artistic exploration has allowed Marit to further hone her musical craft and delve into a diverse sonic palette that resonates with a wide range of music lovers.
Performance Time
Wednesday to Thursday night 17 JAN - Mutua Fides - 23:30-00:10

Playing at | Eurosonic