Kleine Crack & Slagter
ESNS: 2024
Hip Hop
Straight out of hip hop collective VHS (Vampieren Heksen Spoken), this Flemish duo brings the dark side of Anna (Antwerp) with their possessed rap and infernal energy. Loyal to the Memphis Horrorcore, a particular style of Gangsta rap, producer Slagter makes use of minimal synths and beats as MC Kleine Crack unapologetically tackles themes like drugs and murder, a release for dark feelings. Kleine Crack is especially beloved in the Netherlands for club bangers like ‘ELEKTRO STRESS 2’ ft. Rico (Opgezwolle) and ‘COWBELL BANGER’ ft. LIONSTORM.
Performance Time
Thu 18 JAN - Simplon Main - 20:10-20:50

Playing at | Eurosonic