Music Moves Europe Awards 2024
ESNS: 2024
The 20th anniversary edition of the European Union prize for music will be organized on Thursday 18 January during ESNS in the Stadsschouwburg in the city of Groningen, the Netherlands. Once again the MME Awards ceremony will showcase the diversity and creativity that define the European musical landscape. The fifteen nominees for the Music Moves Europe Awards 2024 are; Bulgarian Cartrader (Bulgaria), Fran Vasilić (Croatia), Giift (Denmark), Pearly Drops (Finland), Zaho de Sagazan (France), ClockClock (Germany), Arny Margret (Iceland), yunè pinku (Ireland), Tramhaus (Netherlands), Ash Olsen (Norway), Berry Galazka (Poland), Ana Lua Caiano (Portugal), freekind. (Slovenia), Ralphie Choo (Spain), waterbaby (Sweden).
Performance Time
Thu 18 JAN - Stadsschouwburg - 19:00-20:00

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