Oskar Haag
ESNS: 2024
Oskar Haag (2005) started off with a now legendary performance at the Wiener Popfest. The then 15-year-old self-taught musician impressed with just a guitar and his voice. Afterwards he founded his own label and released the formidable indie hit single ‘Stargazing’. Debut album ‘Teenage Lullabies’ came out in March 2023, followed by a solo tour, plus an invitation to support the German tour of Birdy. Haag is currently performing as a musician and actor in a Shakespeare production and working on an EP and his first major cinema role.
Performance Time
Fri 19 JAN - Lutherse Kerk - 21:30-22:10
Fri 19 JAN - PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) - 15:00-15:20

Playing at | Eurosonic