Porcelain id
ESNS: 2024
Alternative Singer-Songwriter
Porcelain id is the pseudonym under which Hubert Tuyishime (they/them/their) has been unleashing unique soulful pop songs since 2020. They have emerged in recent years as one of the more promising talents on the Belgian scene, won the renowned Sound Track competition, built a solid live reputation and was called “a folk singer for new times” by national newspaper De Morgen. Their debut album ‘Bibi:1’ - inspired by their move from a quiet provincial town to Antwerp - will be released in January 2024.
Performance Time
Thu 18 JAN - Grand Theatre Up - 20:10-20:50
Thu 18 JAN - PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) - 13:20-13:40

Playing at | Eurosonic