ESNS: 2024
German artist THALA developed a love for scuba diving and shimmering early ‘90s shoegaze music while working on the Canary Islands. Returning to Berlin, she threw herself into busking, open-mic nights, and the full- blown pursuit of music. Her latest EP, ‘In Theory Depression’ marks her most introspective writing yet, often paired with widescreen, cinematic melodies that recall the dazzling soundscapes of Mazzy Star, the witty bite of Liz Phair and the subtle but bittersweet alternative pop of Juliana Hatfield.
Performance Time
Fri 19 JAN - VERA - 20:10-20:50
Fri 19 JAN - PLATOSONIC (Plato & CC) - 16:40-17:00

Playing at | Eurosonic