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Brouwerij Martinus

Sebastiaan Rodenhuis Fotografie - Brouwerij Martinus - 2

At the very top of this brewery, you can taste Martinus' own brewed beers. In the summer also on the terrace. The whole place has a living room-like atmosphere. While a fresh beer is being prepared for you, you can see a band building up. In collaboration with Stichting Jazz in Groningen, jazz musicians take the stage here several times a month. For foodies, but also for those who want to discover it.

Address: Kostersgang 32-34, 9711 CX Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 600 m

De Pintelier


In a very cosy part of Groningen, you will find specialty beer café De Pintelier. If you like a nice cold glass of beer, this is the place to be. With 23 taps and more than 80 types of beers in the bottle, there is always something good for you. "Stadjers" and students have been coming here for years to drink their favourite beer. Everyone is welcome in this cosy pub.

Address: Kleine Kromme Elleboog 9, 9712 BS Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 500 m


Downtown already? Then it's a missed opportunity if you don't stop by Cilinder. Cilinder has a wide range of natural wines, specialty beers and cocktails. Fine vegan snacks are served for the appetite. Break your week and start with a drink as early as Wednesday. Or go wild in the arcade hall. On Fridays and Saturdays, Cilinder is open until two in the morning, so it's also a good spot for the weekend. Open the glass doors and have fun in this hidden gem.

Address: Oosterstraat 13a, 9711 NN Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 160 m

The Stockroom

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For some gems, you have to look hard. In fact, The Stockroom is a bit hidden. Once inside, you imagine yourself in cocktail paradise. The bartenders make the most beautiful creations for you. With or without alcohol. The sleek and cosy decor adds a touch extra. This is the place you'll want to stick around for a while.

Address: Oosterstraat 24-1, 9711 NV Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 190 m

Mr. Mofongo

Hiddema Fotografie - Mr. Mofongo

In addition to a restaurant, Mr. Mofongo has a cocktail bar, a distillery and a wine bar. Whether you come for a quick drink with small bites, or for an evening of culinary pleasures. At Mr. Mofongo you are always in the right place. And did we mention there is an innovative robotic arm? This robot taps the drink of your choice from the eight-meter-high liquor cabinet behind the bar.

Address: Oude Boteringestraat 26, 9712 GJ Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 350 m


At the Concerthuis, anything is possible. In this old movie theatre, you can enjoy tasty appetizers and drinks all day long. In addition, there are a lot of fun games on the menu. And whether you prefer beer, cocktails or soda, the drinks selection is enormous. Also fun: they roast their own coffee beans.

Address: Poelestraat 30, 9712 KB Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 210 m

Proeflokaal Mout

The genuine beer lover can indulge at Mout. In the cosy brown café, you have so many choices that you can't resist ordering a second round. The tasting room only serves home-brewed beers. They can tell you everything about the Dutch brewer, where the beer comes from and of course about the taste. When you go home you can take your favourite beer home from the small beer shop in front of the tasting room.

Address: Gedempte Zuiderdiep 43, 9711 HB Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 600 m


BOEL is Groningen's only real boules bar. While enjoying one of the homemade cocktails, you can throw a ball around. The ideal activity for an outdoor trip with your friends, family or colleagues. At BOEL, besides jeu de boules, you can also find a lot of board games and delicious street food. Here you will find the perfect mix of enjoyment, a snack and drink and exciting competition.

Address: Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 163, 9715 BC Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 1.2 km

Barrel wijnlokaal


At Barrel Wijnlokaal you can go for a delicious glass of grape juice. They have a unique assortment that is barely known in the Netherlands. It was not for nothing that they were named Wine Bar of the Year in 2018. Barrel has more than 600 wines on the menu and about 55 available by the glass every week. The party is complete with carefully selected cheeses and charcuterie. Good news for wine lovers: Barrel also has a wine store of the same name at the Nieuwe Ebbingestraat. So you can also enjoy your favourite bottle at home.

Address: Haddingestraat 27, 9711 KC Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 550 m



Kult is just a bit different. In the cafe-bistro, the bright pink and green walls immediately catch your eye. Here you can eat and drink organic food for an affordable price. Sustainability is a high priority at Kult. This is reflected in everything. Even the tableware is second-hand. In the back of the store, you will find all kinds of board games and with regularity an old-fashioned bingo night is organized. And with a surprising cocktail and a bowl of candy, having a drink here is always a party.

Adres: Steentilstraat 36-1, 9711 GN Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 550 m