What Have We Learned since 1972?

50 years of green activism

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THU - 12:00-13:00 - Oosterpoort - Marathonzaal
Sustainability & green, Young
English spoken
52 years ago, the Stockholm Declaration saw the world’s governments agreeing that there is a link between economic growth, the pollution of air, water, and the oceans, and the well-being of people. The 70s were also a time when many of the festivals hat exist today were founded, many of them on radical ecological principles, with many of the performing artists sharing those ideals. What happened to that pioneering spirit, and why does it seem as if so many artists these days are unwilling to express political allegiances? Why are well-meaning movements such as Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion so effective at alienating mainstream opinion, when what they need to do is to become the mainstream? What is stopping the Green movement from being more broadly supported? Is it its own worst enemy?
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