ESNS x Innofest

Presented by: Glimp
ESNS Extra
English spoken
ESNS and Innofest have been friends for quite a while. For almost 6 years in a row, ESNS has welcomed sustainable and social entrepreneurs who - with the help of Innofest - want to test their prototype at the festival. During these tests, the entrepreneurs receive feedback with which they can improve their product, and increase their sustainable or social impact.

1.3 million people are stuck at home due to stress-related complaints. Glimp focuses on accelerating burnout recovery, with guided at-home breathing training. Their hand-held encourages you to breathe in a calming way and sends feedback to the app. This shortens burnout recovery time and reduces therapy costs. Want to unwind for a while? They are looking for volunteers to try out the app. You can find them at the Artist Village on the Suikerunieterrein, from Wednesday till Friday.

Glimp's test is conducted with Repeat's headphones. Do you want such a sustainable headphone with repairs for a lifetime? You can buy them here: