Presented by: (AC/E) Accion Cultural Española
THU - 12:00-13:00 - Oosterpoort - Kelder
Export Policy, Politics & Policy, Focus on Spain
English spoken
17 autonomous communities are the frame of Spain as a country, each of them with their culture, history, own autonomous governments, industry and local, national and international cultural strategies. This makes Spain one of the richest and most culturally varied countries in the world. Brij Gosai of POLLSTAR will present data on Spain´s music industry power and diversity before talking to local, regional and national cultural official representatives of different autonomous governments and the national government. They will be explaining the international delegates this rich diversity, how they work individually, their goals nationally and internationally and the cultural and industry impact of their regions without forgetting about the super exciting, fresh and exportable talent from every part of Spain.
Moderator Speakers