Technology of Ecology

Presented by: ESNS
FRI - 10:30-11:30 - Oosterpoort - Binnenzaal
Festivals, Sustainability, Tech & Innovation
English spoken
One of the biggest misconceptions about ecological movements is that they are either wholly opposed to technology, or at least resistant to tech innovation. The reality is, however, very different, with hugely important processes such as waste water treatment and the elimination of industrial emissions, alongside the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, recycling and waste management, being almost entirely driven forward by technological innovation. When you add to that list self-sufficient buildings, waste to energy conversion and vertical gardens and farms, it starts to become clear that in fact our planet is hugely dependent on tech innovators when it comes to cleaning up the residue of decades of ecological indifference. The technology of ecology will be looking at the global impact of the initiatives just mentioned, plus taking a deep dive into what's currently being developed and how new technologies will positively impact our lives.
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