The Mediterranean region: Exploring music trade and talent diversity between the region that unites Europe, Africa and Middle East

Presented by: The Spanish Wave
THU - 12:00-13:00 - Oosterpoort - Ronde Kamer
Festivals & venues, Politics & Policy, International exploitation & export
English spoken
The mediterranean region shares shores and history in Europe, Africa and Middle East, but do we really share business and talent? We are so close and connected but still so far away in trade and talent discovery; this is the time to change this and work more together in the region as music is global, more international cases of success will come from the Med region in a near future and its already happening, so its time to link the dots, putting professionals from the region to set discuss the current status, future plans and in a working team that focus better PR and talent development from the region and better business. Europe is a melting pot, so its up to the industry and institutions to promote the talent with mediterranean background and its genres crossovers that will make us more distinctive, different and fresh to the rest of the world. We will be discussing next steps, industry situation in the region and cases of success locally and internationally from our Mare Nostrum.
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