ESNS expands 2023 line up as Focus on Spain takes shape


ESNS, the key exchange for emerging European music talent announces the first Spanish acts to play at Eurosonic in the light of its Focus on Spain.

Artists from 9 different parts of Spain are coming to Groningen, among them are Ghouljaboy (Andalucia), Kokoshca (Navarra), Lava Fizz (Balearics), Maestro Espada (Murcia), Marta Knight (Catalonia), Shanghai Baby (Madrid), Tanxugueiras (Galicia), Yo Diablo (Valencia), and Zetak (Basque Country).

Focus on Spain;

Each year ESNS highlights the best emerging acts from a different European country. This year ESNS focuses on Spain. ESNS proudly presents Focus on Spain in close collaboration with The Spanish Wave and regions of Spain like Andalucia, Basque Country, Balearics, Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia, Valencia and Navarra. It is all about bringing the freshest Spanish talent to the ESNS stages and put these in front of a professional audience, media and music lovers.

Focus on Spain includes showcases of a large selection of Spanish acts, from different parts of the country, and different genres that are "hot" in Spain with musical quality and gender equality as a must.

The Spanish acts added to the line-up are;

Ghouljaboy (Andalucia), Irenegarry (Madrid), Kokoshca (Navarra), Lava Fizz (Balearic Islands), Maestro Espada (Murcia), Mainline Magic Orchestra (Catalonia), Marina Herlop (Catalonia), Marta Knight (Catalonia), Merina Gris (Basque Country), Mundo Prestigio (Galicia), Queralt Lahoz (Catalonia), Shanghai Baby (Madrid), Tanxuguieras (Galicia), Yo Diablo (Valencia), and Zetak (Basque Country).

Previously ESNS already confirmed 33 up-and-coming acts for Eurosonic and Noorderslag. Stay tuned for more acts to be announced in the coming weeks.

ESNS Conference - Focus on Spain

ESNS invites you to join in the three-day ESNS Conference and learn all you need to know about the amazing and varied Spanish music sector. Panels, workshops, keynotes and networking will show the diversity and unique insights from top professionals from Focus on Spain.

During the ‘Meet The Spaniards!’ mixer at the conference everyone is invited to meet and network with all the Spanish delegations at ESNS. A full programme of Focus on Spain with all panels, speakers, moderators, partners, workshops, networking mixers, The Spanish Wave Showcase and more will be announced by the end of the month.

ESNS and partners kindly invite you to be part of Focus on Spain at ESNS 2023. When interested in participating in any way on the subject of Focus on Spain which is coordinated by ESNS and The Spanish Wave, please contact the ESNS organisation.

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