ESNS presents Green Touring Support


This year we asked visitors to support us in making ESNS more sustainable. Ticket buyers contributed by means of a solidarity eco tax on top of the ticket price with which CO2 emissions could be compensated. But our mission to contribute to a sustainable event sector remains unabated. We would like to use the budget that has been raised so far through the eco tax to achieve that goal.

That is why we are starting ESNS Green Touring Support this year. We invite ESNS Acts to share with us their concrete plans for sustainability in the field of transport on their own tours. Acts can request the difference between the regular tour costs and the green tour costs from ESNS, up to a maximum of 1,000 euros (excl. VAT).

For example, an act has been booked at a festival in Milan and would normally fly from Berlin to Milan for 500 euros, but they would like to make it more sustainable and take the train this time, which costs 1250 euros. ESNS then contributes 1250-500=750 euros to the travel costs. Our train travelling partner Choo Choo is happy to help you plan your train trips through Europe.

E.g. an act normally tours with its own equipment and therefore cannot travel by train. For this tour, the act rents equipment locally, which incurs additional costs. ESNS covers these additional costs and any additional costs for travelling by train instead of a bus.

Pieter Smit

Pieter Smit endorses the sustainable mission of ESNS, and therefore offers all ESNS23 acts a special deal. They have been a partner for years of ESNS. They are the specialist in transport, in particular international transport of bands in splittervans and nightliners, with locations throughout Europe.

ESNS23 acts can rent their transport and/or touring vehicles from Pieter Smit for a special ESNS rate. In addition, Pieter Smit offers sustainable fuel HVO (made from waste) at a purchase price. The interim consumption of fossil fuels is compensated by Pieter Smit, additional costs can be claimed by acts via ESNS green touring support.

Sign Up for Green Touring Support!

You can submit your request online with this form.

The scheme will run until the budget has been used up, at the latest until 31.10.2023. Last declarations must be in on 31.12.2023

Selection and Conditions

The projects are assessed by ESNS. Selection is initially on the date of entry and as long as the budget allows. Secondly, feasibility and the extent to which the project can serve as an example for other acts, are taken into account.

  • Contribution is only possible for ESNS acts, as booked for ESNS23
  • We like to share best practices, so the projects will be shared via the (social media) channels of ESNS.
  • Acts are actively asked to share their participation in this ESNS project via their own channels. If needed, ESNS will help with content creation.
  • Acts that get stuck during the execution of the project can approach ESNS for advice.
  • The granted amount will be paid after receipt of an invoice or declaration with IBAN and receipts.
  • Declarations must be received no later than December 31, 2023.

Do you have questions about sustainability or are you unsure about the impact of your idea? Mail and/or read more information about green touring here.

Trouble with (preparing) your application? Mail to