The state of European music: Report 2023


Marking two years since the launch of ESNS Radar, we are proud to present the second edition of The state of European music: Report 2023. The articles use the platform’s unique data to track the rise of emerging European acts, analyse successful artist strategies, and generally reflect on the impactful insights the tools can reveal. Powered by the open access ESNS Radar and data-driven ESNS Analytics tools, this publication provides unparalleled insight into the state of European music and presents examples of how to delve into both to mine data gems.

Illustration by: Lisa Sportel

ESNS Radar is a publicly available charts platform that automatically tracks airplay, streaming services and the bookings of over 130 festivals included in ESNS Exchange, with plans to expand that scope in the coming years. What was the impact of European talent in the last year? Journalist Menno Visser unveils five trends that shaped the ESNS Radar charts in 2023. Looking back at a year’s festival season, IQ Magazine Editor Gordon Masson offers observations on Covid recovery, emerging artists on the rise and the impact of Brexit.

Following the route of international success, EMEE Research Coordinator Virgo Sillammaa examines who funds European music export programmes. Celebrating 20 years of ESNS Exchange, Managing Editor of DIY Magazine Sarah Jamieson looks back to demonstrate how integral the ESNS Exchange has become to the European music industry. Turning to the subject of inclusivity,’s Connie Chow and Melissa d’Engelbronner take measure of the gender balance in ESNS’s festival bookings over the past two decades.

Digging a little deeper, the delegate-access-only ESNS Analytics offers insight into how specific artists are performing in active music markets as well as streaming and social media platforms globally. To demonstrate how industry professionals and artists can use this tool, Music Week Features Editor Ben Homewood and Music Business students from NHL Stenden analyse the surge in success for ESNS23 artists Heartworms and The Haunted Youth in the past year. Turning to social media, Oor’s Lola Deschuytter speaks to Sarah Julia on rolling the dice on the TikTok algorithm.

Looking ahead, the future continues to look bright for the data platform – with new features launched and aspirations on the horizon. Discover the latest functions and potential of the ESNS app below and visit to venture forward.