Best places to meet one on one

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Anyone who thought boules was only for senior French people is wrong. Because throwing a ball at Jeu-de-boules bar BOEL is anything but boring. While enjoying one of the homemade cocktails or a surprising special beer, you can have a fun game of boules. And besides boules courts, you can also go there for good food and tasty drinks. The ideal activity for a casual get-together. Who will become the boules king or queen?

Address: Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 163, 9715 BC Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 1.2 km

Barrel Wijnlokaal


Lover of a good wine? Then a wine tasting is just the thing for you. At Barrel Wine Room, they have more than 600 wines on the menu. You can just order your favorite glass, although it's much more fun to taste and learn something new. Indicate your preference globally, and they will choose some lovely wines for you. Of course with a short explanation for each wine. And make the party complete with the carefully selected cheeses and charcuterie.

Address: Haddingestraat 27, 9711 KC Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 550 m

TOET het TOETjesparadijs


This is highly recommended for the sweet tooth among us. A dessert paradise where delicious sweets and cakes are made. Ingredients are carefully selected, preferably organic and local or Fair Trade. Not only can you enjoy some tasty treats with your coffee. In the afternoon they serve a true TOET dinner. A 7-course dessert menu with lots of sweets, but also a cheese platter and savory cake.

Address: Gedempte Zuiderdiep 85, 9711 HC Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 700 m

Konbu Streetfood


Craving authentic street food dishes from Southeast Asia? Then you've come to the right place at Konbu Streetfood. This is the place to order a table full of all kinds of delicious Asian snacks to share. And when you can't get enough, go for Konbu's specialities like Japanese ramen and pho: a Vietnamese comfort food dish. Also, try one of the special drinks on the menu and imagine yourself in Asia for a moment.

Address: Oosterstraat 10, 9711 NT Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 150 m

Het Concerthuis

When it comes to long dinners, Het Concerthuis is the place to be. You can order anything you want at any time of the day. Dinner, lunch, breakfast, it's all possible here. And you choose all the delicious things not only for yourself because food sharing is central at this place. So order a table full of delicious little dishes and taste whatever you like. Who knows, maybe you'll stick around after lunch for drinks and a game.

Address: Poelestraat 30, 9712 KB Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 210 m


At this beautiful spot next to the Noorderplantsoen you will enjoy 100% sustainable and vegan dishes. Everything they serve is organic, plant-based and homemade. This lunchroom is not only a must for vegans. It is often packed with all kinds of people enjoying delicious dishes and drinks. Tip: they also serve a delicious high tea!

Address: Verlengde Grachtstraat 1, 9717 GD Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 1.4 km

Kattencafé Op z'n Kop

Do you love cats and coffee? Then this cafe is the ultimate place for you. Kattencafé Op z'n Kop is a cozy living room cafe where you can enjoy delicious coffee, cakes and sandwiches. The cafe is the home of seven sweet shelter cats, each with their own story and character. When are you going to meet Maine Coon Bowie, professional whipped cream thief Benny, and cuddly Puck?

Address: Oude Ebbingestraat 57, 9712 HC Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 280 m

Koffiestation Books & Coffee


For a good cup of coffee, you can go to Koffiestation Books & Coffee in the Oude Kijk in 't Jatstraat. A collaboration of Groningen coffee roaster Koffiestation and bookshop Riemer. A unique concept, which you cannot find anywhere else in the city. You drink your coffee, roasted in the Oosterpark district, surrounded by English books. Here they turn something ordinary into something special.

Address: Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 21, 9712 EA Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 450 m


This is the place for those who like to start the day with a delicious cup of coffee and end it with a good glass of wine. Cappuvino, a modern wine and coffee bar where quality and ambiance are key. Guests can also enjoy finger food and a beautiful view across the Vismarkt.

Address: Vismarkt 1, 9712 CA Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 240 m

Café-bistro Kult

Besides a large selection of mostly organic and fair trade food and drinks, Kult offers a nice place to be. Kult serves mostly vegan, but also vegetarian meat and fish dishes. Sustainability is a high priority. You can see that in everything. Even the tableware is secondhand.

Address: Steentilstraat 36-1, 9711 GN Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 550 m