Lunch to go

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When you stand in front of this delicacy store you imagine yourself in Italy for a moment. Once inside, the delicious smells of a variety of delicacies reach you. From jars full of pesto and tapenade to filled vegetables and spinach tarts. They spend all day in the kitchen here. Everything is homemade and you can taste that. Around lunchtime, you may find the queue all the way outside. And for a good reason, because here you get the best Italian sandwiches in town. They are richly topped with all kinds of specialities from the counter.

Address: Folkingestraat 54, 9711 JZ Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 650 m

Mr. Dam

When you think of a Vietnamese lunch you immediately think of noodles or an egg roll. But also in Vietnam, just like in the Netherlands, they sometimes lunch with a sandwich. Not a sandwich with cheese, but a so-called banh mi. A crispy sandwich filled with meat, chicken or tofu. Add lettuce and sauce and for the lover, some spice and herbs and you have an ideal lunch to go.

Address: Astraat 6, 9718 CR Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 750 m


In China, you can find delicious street food on every street corner. But in Groningen, we are also big fans of street food. At MOONG you can snack at a high-quality level. A quick, cheap, but also healthy snack to take away. Go for a bubble tea or choose a Jian Bing. A type of crepe made from eggs, filled with all kinds of savoury goodness.

Address: Herestraat 80, 9711 LL Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 550 m

Funky Freak

The sweet tooth will be at the right place here. Funky Freak is also worth a visit for its interior design. It actually looks like everything is drawn. With the black lines on the white interior, you imagine yourself in a drawing. Everything is black and white except for the artsy freak shakes. Go for one of those happy freak shakes or choose a crepe or waffle. Not really a lover of sweet? They also serve savoury sandwiches and all kinds of coffee.

Address: Stoeldraaierstraat 46, 9712 BX Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 450 m

Broodje Ben


Us Groningers love Broodje Ben. There are not one, not two, but three locations in the city. Use your lunchtime to stop by for a delicious richly filled sandwich. Or even easier; have it delivered. Freshly baked sandwiches with delicious toppings are available every day. Vegetarian? No problem. There's something for everyone.

Address Korreweg: Korreweg 53, 9714 AB Groningen (Distance from Grote Markt: 1.3 km)
Address Pottebakkersrijge: Pottebakkersrijge 8, 9718 AE Groningen (Distance from Grote Markt: 800 m)
Address Zernike Campus: Kapteynborg, Landleven 12, 9747 AD Groningen (Distance from Grote Markt: 3.8 km)


A taste from far away, just in Groningen. Blown over from the far East and now an eatery with flavours that are here to stay. You will love the delicious fresh falafel from FLFL. Wrapped in a wrap with vegetables and a sauce. For lovers, it can be made extra spicy. Healthy, fresh and tasty. You can take a seat in the cosy café, but the falafel is also perfect to take away.

Address: Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 44, 9712 EL Groningen (Distance from Grote Markt: 550 m)
Address: Carolieweg 30, 9711 LS Groningen (Distance from Grote Markt: 350 m)

Broodje van eigen deeg

At Broodje van Eigen Deeg, as the name suggests, they bake bread from homemade dough. Prepared with respect for the old craft. Inspired by French tradition and with pure ingredients. And you can taste that. The delicious sandwiches, cakes and other baked goods are not only a feast for the eyes, you also eat your fingers on them. When the smell of bread wafts into your nose, you are guaranteed to go home with more than you had planned beforehand.

Address: Brugstraat 11, 9712 AA Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 600 m

De Olijfboom

At this Ouzerie you can enjoy the most delicious authentic Greek dishes. When entering, you already start salivating at the sight of the display cases full of goodies. In the open kitchen, they make everything themselves with fresh and natural ingredients. From salads to pastries. And there is something for everyone. Whether you like meat, fish or prefer vegetarian. You can not resist such a delicious warm pita filled with all kinds of Greek delicacies.

Address: Oosterstraat 40, 9711 NV Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 230 m

Smooth Brothers

Fan of fruits and other goodies? Then The Smooth Brothers is the place to be. Take a healthy break with their smoothies, juices, bowls and sandwiches. Everything here is prepared in front of you with fresh products. Whatever you take: this healthy boost will get you back on track. And the trendy decor might even make you want to linger here a little longer.

Address: Zwanestraat 31, Groningen (Distance from Grote Markt: 300 m)
Address: Oosterstraat 14, Groningen (Distance from Grote Markt: 160 m)

Croissanterie Pigalle

In the heart of the city centre, you will find Croissanterie Pigalle. When you walk in here you immediately smell the freshly baked bread. And the choice here is endless. Choose one of the sandwiches from the menu or compose your own. Hot or cold. Everything is possible. A fresh juice with a good coffee and you are ready for the afternoon.

Address: Stoeldraaierstraat 17, 9712 BT Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 450 m