ESNS Art 2023


During the upcoming edition of ESNS, there will again be plenty to see and experience in the city. Besides music and gigs, there is also a great offer when it comes to visual art, under the name ESNS Art. Together with Kunstpunt Groningen, we will place three temporary works of art in the city centre of Groningen, the Groninger Museum will open the exhibition The Art of Hipgnosis: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel & 10cc, and Vera Artdivision and Kunstlievend Genootschap Pictura will be unpacking the European Poster Explosion (EPEX), an exhibition full of screen-printed posters by the designers' collective of Vera pop podium.

ESNS Art x Kunstpunt Groningen

Three temporary artworks will adorn the centre of Groningen during the upcoming edition of ESNS. The artworks will be placed as part of ESNS Art, a collaboration between Kunstpunt Groningen and ESNS. The surprising encounter between art and music introduces festival visitors and residents of Groningen to local and national visual arts talent. On show will be a sound installation by Davey Smand, a metal sculpture by Eirik Jahnsen and a light artwork by Nicky Assmann and Joris Strijbos. The artworks will be scattered in Groningen city centre from 18 to 22 January.

Kunstpunt presents a tour of light art in Groningen's city centre during ESNS Art. The tour goes past existing work and the new temporary artworks by Eirik Jahnsen and Nicky Assmann & Joris Strijbos. It will also dwell on some other undiscovered gems. The tours take place on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 January and start at 7.30pm. Tickets at €2.50 are on sale in Kunstpunt's webshop.

The Art of Hipgnosis - Groninger Museum

Since the 1970s, millions of teenage rooms have been filled with images of these artists, but to this day they are still unknown to many: the London design studio Hipgnosis. With the world's first major retrospective, the Groninger Museum honours the designers of legendary album covers for major international artists.

At the Groninger Museum, from Thursday 19 January, the exhibition The Art of Hipgnosis: Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel & 10cc will start. As a visitor to ESNS23, if you book online, you get a 20% discount from 19 to 22 January. Book your time slot for an adult or student ticket via and enter the code ESNSVOUCHER in your ordering process. Show your museum ticket and ESNS wristband at your museum visit. Valid from 19 to 22 January 2023.

The European Poster Explosion in cooperation with Vera Artdivision and Kunstlievend Genootschap Pictura

It is by now a well-known phenomenon among visitors of shows in Vera; the beautiful screen prints made by the Vera Artdivision. They make a unique copy for each show, which, for visitors to the show with a bit of luck, can be taken off the wall. This year, the Vera Artdivision's thirteen designers are exhibiting at the European Poster Explosion in Pictura, Groningen. Upstairs in the gallery space is the exhibition of all kinds of posters from Vera shows. Downstairs, you can watch how screen printing is done. Besides screenprints, prints and other merchandise are sold.

The European Poster Explosion is open from Wednesday 18 to Saturday 21 January, from 13.00 - 18.00 in Pictura, Sint Walburgstraat 1, Groningen.

Pride Photo Exhibition 2022 - Celebrating the Unseen

On Tuesday 17 January, the Pride Photo Exhibition 2022 opens on Groningen's Akerkhof. It is the second year in a row that Pride Photo will visit the city with its open-air photo exhibition. This year's theme is 'Celebrating the Unseen', through which Pride Photo aims to highlight the most unseen groups and unknown stories from the lhbti+ community.

The exhibition consists of 20 large panels. Besides the winning photos, several urgent, surprising and beautiful 'Unseen' visual stories will also be displayed, such as the extent to which lhbti+ people worldwide have been hit hard by the pandemic. But also the suppression of lhbti+ human rights, homosexuality in sports, loneliness among 'pink' elderly people and violence against trans people.

Groningen is the finale of the Pride Photo Exhibition 2022, which has been travelling throughout the Netherlands since 1 April and has visited all provinces. The exhibition is free to visit until 6 February.