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Vintage shopping

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Onder de Linde

At Onder de Linde you will find a combination of unique vintage and good quality second-hand clothing, shoes and accessories. Ever made an overly bold purchase? The store is pleased to receive contributions of your good quality (brand) clothing.

Address: Steentilstraat 15, 9711 GJ Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 450 m


For good and affordable vintage clothing from the 80s and 90s, Stardust is the place to be. For the remade vintage collection Stardust works together with a number of very passionate studios and designers from Groningen. This ensures that the store always has original items hanging on the shelves. In addition to vintage and remade vintage, you will also find a number of new brands.

Address: Carolieweg 13, 9711 LP Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 350 m

LIZ Boetiek

Original vintage clothing, for that you can recently visit LIZ Boetiek in the Steentilstraat. The clothes they sell are often from stores abroad and from the old days. The clothing originates from the 20s to 80s and is therefore really old, but not often worn. Besides a lot of cool clothes, you can also find trendy accessories.

Address: Steentilstraat 25, 9711 GK Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 500 m


A clothing store in Groningen that specializes in worn clothing from the 60s, 70s and 80s. You can also go here for gala and theme party clothing. Recessie has been a well-known name in Groningen for more than 10 years. In addition to a permanent collection of sweaters, t-shirts, pants and jackets, new items are added regularly.

Address: Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 54, 9712 EL Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 600 m


Do you have beautiful designer clothes that you no longer wear? Or maybe pretty clothes in the wrong size or you want to get rid of your overloaded closet? Then you can go to 2ndcloset. This chic boutique in the centre of Groningen is a drop-in store for exclusive designer clothing for women, men and children. The place for vintage, design, retro and exclusive brand clothing for every budget.

Address: Gedempte Zuiderdiep 93, 9711 HD Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 750 m

Vintage Kroy Classic Wear

Vintage Kroy Classic Wear is a vintage, retro and used clothing store. For a pair of cowboy boots, a cool leather jacket or a fake fur coat, this is the place to be. Not only for women but also for men the selection is very diverse. You wouldn't expect it when you stand in front of the door of this little store.

Address: Oude Kijk in Het Jatstraat 35, 9712 EB Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 500 m

Klinkhamer Antiek

A characteristic antique, curios and record store where you can find a wide variety of items. Advertising cans, skulls, postcards, ceramics, LPs, toys, lighting, jewellery, glassware: you name it, you'll find it at Klinkhamer Antiek. Can't find what you're looking for? Ask the Veenstra brothers, and they will crawl into every corner to pull it out.

Address: Folkingestraat 50, 9711 JZ Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 650 m

Appel & Ei

Appel & Ei has played a major role in the used clothing industry for more than 15 years. A place where fashion and eco-conscious customers turn their former favourite clothes into euros. This is how you help your fellow human beings and the environment by recycling clothes.

Address: Oosterstraat 25, 9711 NN Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 190 m


At Find you will find exclusive second-hand designer, brand and vintage women's clothing. Every day the collection is updated with new beautiful and unique items. Find is located in a monumental building at the Damsterdiep.

Address: Damsterdiep 42, 9711 SM Groningen

Distance from Grote Markt: 650 m