Moderator David Hamilton, DAM Good Media
Sprekers Robin Jenssen, SPARWK AS / EKKO Music Rights Europe / Anna Zò, Music Innovation Hub / Robby Towns, GoodCopBadCop | MMF-US / Mandy Salem-Aubry, Utopia Music

Boosting your business with data

from data sharing and interoperability to a culture of collaboration

Gepresenteerd door: ESNS Tech
VRIJ - Oosterpoort - Back 12 (up) - 10:30-11:30
Tech & Innovation
English spoken
Examples from other industries and new policy initiatives embrace data sharing as the key driver for growth and innovation. What does this mean in practice for the music industry? Despite numerous common data formats and standardised identificators, the music industry still lacks true interoperability and too many players lack interest in sharing data with other companies in the value chain. Most of the attempts to develop data pooling initiatives and business around it have failed. What are the real business benefits in opening access to data in the music business? How could we raise awareness of the importance of metadata and usage data and to use it for collaborative purposes, beyond closed databases? Our experts will talk about recent use cases and discuss how we could improve the culture of data collaboration in the music industry.
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