Moderator Malle Kaas, Women in Live Music
Sprekers Lotje Horvers, Backstage Pass / Emma Hestbæk, Smash!Bang!Pow / Johanna Beckmann, FKP SCORPIO

Recognition of the live crew

Gepresenteerd door: EPIC, Women In Live Music, VPT
DO - Oosterpoort - Back 13 (up) - 13:30-14:30
Social, Event
English spoken
Often there is this gap between artists and crew. Why is that so when they are essential for each other? During the pandemic it became even more clear that the crew world is not automatically included as part of the music industry. Post pandemic the live music industry is suffering from a great loss of talented and experienced crew. But are the music industry aware of how severe the situation is - and will be for the next couple of years? We will discuss this matter with people from on- and offstage
Moderator Sprekers